Seasonal Tips

Early Summer May 21 – June 20

Early Summer is time to warm and soften the body, with special focus on the fascia and connective tissue. Practice flows playfully outwards and inwards between anchor points, in sinuous delicious ways, stretching across the arms, chest and legs, then back to our centre, working the pericardium and triple heater meridians. Practice is increasingly dynamic, allowing us to warm the heart and lighthearted, practising together as a group. 

FOOD:  Great drinks are nettle, fennel, fresh ginger, lemon and dandelion. Cut back on alcohol and coffee as they clog up the liver. Now is a good time to start fresh vegetable juicing to help detox. Plus drinking plenty of water throughout the day is essential for good hydrated connective tissue. Drink a few mouthful every 20 minutes or so. Little and often.. Do not detox if you are unwell or pregnant and check with your healthcare provider before starting a detox diet.

Eat lighter. Stir frys, spring greens, lightly cooked foods are good. Mung beans, seaweeds, sprouted foods and essential fatty acids are excellent for liver rejuvenation. Avoid late night eating. Enjoy good food, good company. Feed all aspects of yourself not just your tummy.

PHYSICAL:  Mix up our movement! Just as we eat the rainbow, early summer is a great time to move the rainbow. Finding ways to build small, nutritious movement into the day is great for helping us reset our movement and postural patterns into better more nutritious ones! Finding ways to be freer, whether its changing our exercise routine or focusing on finding space in our yoga and qigong practice is all good. Think Shakira, channel Shakira.

MENTAL: Time to connect with what brings us gratitude and joy. Making space in the calendar to connect with good friends. Doing things that make us laugh. Sharing any stressful stuff with trusted friends so we feel lighter and more free. Allowing space for stuff to come up. Useful supportive activities I like are writing a journal, no filter, no judging, just allowing what needs expressed to be heard and held. Making time for things that nourish us, like bodywork (coming to class dare I say it is excellent!), a massage, going to see a show or film. Let’s face it, feeding our inner selves brings good things.

HOME: What do you need and what can go? Now is the time to look through your wardrobe, drawers, cupboards and clear out clutter! Avoid chemicals in the home and use natural products to clean and beautify. Keep your phone and tablet etc out of the bedroom. Bring nature into your home with growing plants, but avoid them in your bedroom. Spider plants are great at filtering out air pollutants!

OUTDOOR: Being outside in nature. Connecting with the new season on walks and out door activities. Breathe a good few deep breaths to fill the lungs with fresh oxygen rich air. The colour traditionally associated with the heart chakra is green. It is no wonder that this special early summer time of year of the heart is when the air is rich with oxygen from all the fully opened leaves. Breathing in green, share the gift of life and love with us all x

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