Seasonal Tips

SUMMER – peak energy! June 21 – August 20

We are working with the Heart and Small Intestine meridians in our practice. The meridians run up from the armpit to the little finger tip and from the little finger tip down the outside of the arm to the back of the shoulder then up the neck, zig zagging from the edge of the jaw to by the ear.

Our practice is increasingly dynamic, helping the heart improve its circulatory function and strength, enabling nourishment via the small intestine to reach all parts of the body efficiently. Yet find calm and balance at this time, enjoying the lighter warmer days, being outside as much as we can, but also giving time to ourselves, quieter times, so we don’t burn the candle at both ends. It’s a great time of year to cycle and walk, jog, yet also to practise seated meditation or mindfulness.

In Summer, it’s all about the heart and being open. Acknowledging all the things we do is a good place to start, bringing to heart all that we are grateful for.

FOOD:  Eat light and fresh. little and more often.Steam your food where you can, avoid too much red meat, spice. Time to sellotape up the biscuit tin.

Red and purple foods are great for fire energy. Aim for 40-60% of your diet to be fresh vegetables, salads and fruit; 30-40% grains; 10-20% dairy, meat and nuts

PHYSICAL: Get the heart beating, burn fat and work with body in enjoyable fun ways. Buddy up with a friend. Take a brisk walk in the morning and evening. Cycle everywhere! Skin: exfoliate twice a week and rub almond oil into damp skin with vigorously in the direction of the heart..

MENTAL:  Clear your mind: go through paperwork, pay off bills, crossing off from your list as you go so you can see progress. Meditation: spend 10-25 minutes daily. Let the earth support you, think of something you love and let the energy of it expand throughout your whole body, re-energising every cell.

Keep it fun and social! Exercise with a friend, so you can motivate each other and compare notes. Make it fun and laugh about it! 

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