Seasonal Tips

Spring seasonal tips: March 21 – May 21

We are working with the Liver and Gallbladder meridians in our practice. The meridians run up the inside of the legs and the sides of the chest and zig zag down the outside of the body. So our practice deepens into side bends and stretches, twists and balances to help develop a strong foundation (roots) from which to grow. Our energy is rising with the lighter and longer days.

There are 5 areas to look at for a good Spring Clean. Food, physical, mental, home and your outdoor environment.

FOOD:  Great detox drinks are nettle, fennel, fresh ginger, lemon and dandelion. Cut back on alcohol and coffee as they clog up the liver. Now is a good time to start fresh juicing to help detox. Plus drink plenty of water throughout the day – ideally a few mouthfuls every 15-20 minutes – think frequency. Do not detox if you are unwell or pregnant and check with your healthcare provider before starting a detox diet.

Eat lighter. Stir frys, spring greens, lightly cooked foods are good. Mung beans, seaweeds, sprouted foods and essential fatty acids are excellent for liver rejuvenation. Avoid late night eating. Use liver/gallbladder energy to CLEANSE not digest.

PHYSICAL: Sweat it out in a sauna or stream room. Have a mineral salt bath. Go for an aromatherapy massage to detox and cleanse the body. Start cardiovascular exercise (start off slowly and build up). Early outdoor exercise is great for rising liver energy!

MENTAL:  Take a good look at your life. Are there areas that you like or dislike? Make notes on what you would like for 2019. Look at situations you cannot change and see if you can change yourself in how you approach them. Aim to make your life more enjoyable and worthwhile. Have some fun in imagining a better future,

‘Aim for the moon, if you fail you will land amongst the stars!’

Be patient, good changes do not happen overnight. Use affirmations to remind yourself daily of your intentions, or sit for 5 minutes each morning and bring ten to mind, to make sure you keep them in view to inspire and guide you. You can also use Yoga Nidra meditation to help sow the seeds for change in your life. – see YOGA NIDRA to find out more

HOME: What do you need and what can go? Now is the time to look through your wardrobe, drawers, cupboards and clear out clutter! Avoid chemicals in the home and use natural products to clean and beautify. Keep your phone and tablet etc out of the bedroom. Bring nature into your home with growing plants, but avoid them in your bedroom. Spider plants are great at filtering out air pollutants!

OUTDOOR: Go outside and enjoy being in nature. Connect with the new season on walks and out door activities. Take a good few deep breaths to fill the lungs with fresh oxygen rich air.

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