August 21 – October 20

We are working with the Stomach and Spleen meridians in our practice. These run down and up the front of the body respectively.

In Late Summer, it’s all about grounding our energy, nourishing and supporting ourselves, in readiness for Autumn. When in balance, we are able to manage change well with calm and confidence.

FOOD:  Yellow is the colour of the season. Yellow and orange fruit and vegetables are rich in beta-carotene, vitamins C and E, great for supporting the immune system. Sweet savoury foods such as sweet potato, yellow pepper and carrot, sautéed or sweated over a low flame, brings out the natural sweetness, satisfying the stomach.

Don’t eat too much raw food, avoid eating late and drinking too much water at mealtimes, sip regularly throughout the day instead. Avoid iced drinks. Cut out sugar and refined carbohydrates.

Look after your stomach, don’t eat on the go, but take time and chew your food properly. Eat what you need. How you eat is an expression of who you are!

Jasmine and liquorice tea are good spleen tonics. Cut down or out caffeine, alcohol and other toxins.

Some lovely recipes can be found here 

PHYSICAL:  Exercise regularly. Be centred and focused in what you do. Strengthen your core using yoga or Pilates. Get outside and closer to the earth, activities such as brisk walking, outdoor circuit training, cycling, tennis and gardening are great.

MENTAL: Bring clarity through high level nutrition and daily routine. Regularly examine the quality of your food, thoughts and relationships. Do they truly support and nourish you? Avoid over thinking and worry through focusing on you, do something for yourself every day and nurture yourself. Boost self confidence and focus with positive affirmations, helping you keep in mind your strength and stability. Extend this nurturing to your home, making it cosy and clutter free. And finally…..sit and read, this is a good time to absorb and digest information.