October 21 – December 20th

sunset mist

We are working with the Lung and Large Intestine meridians in our practice. These run along the arms – specifically from the last third under the collarbone along the top of the arm to the thumb and back along the index finger along the hard back of the arm into the shoulder V and up to the far side of the nose.

In Autumn, it’s all about deepening the breath, allowing the body to fully function in its processes of taking in, absorbing and getting rid and letting go. Autumn is a great time of year to clear out unnecessary clutter – in the home, at work and personally, in your tasks, your habits and thoughts.

FOOD:  Pungent foods are excellent in Autumn. Add a little ginger, garlic, cinnamon or cayenne pepper to your food to help clear mucus and pep up your liver. Eating warm food, especially steamed, is excellent for the body and lungs. Avoid too much baked, dry or dried food – biscuits, bread, dried fruits. With dried fruits soak or gently poach. Avoid too much dairy as this causes mucus.

Don’t eat too much raw and cold food, avoid eating late and drinking too much water at mealtimes, sip regularly throughout the day instead. Warm herbal teas are excellent, especially those with ginger, mint, nettle. Aim to drink 1.5-2 litres of room temperature water and herbal teas daily to keep your digestive system healthy.

Take time and eat in a calm environment, chew your food properly. Eat what you need. How you eat is an expression of who you are!

PHYSICAL:  Keep to a routine, discipline yourself to exercise regularly. Keep 30% in your energy bank account when exercising so take it slower, breathe deep. Walks are a wonderful way to refresh body and mind, keep wrapped up and walk briskly. Avoid being outside in wet weather for too long.

MENTAL: Be responsible for how you feel. Sort out anything that is bothering you. Let go of relationships or habits that no longer serve or benefit you. Maintain high standards and principles to keep your sense of self worth buoyant. Clear out negative thoughts through affirmations and mindfulness of breathing meditation.