Online Class Registration

Online Yoga Class Registration + Payment/donation via Paypal

ON HOLIDAYS, CLASS STARTS BACK FRIDAY 14 AUGUST: feel free to follow my latest Fire element class on Youtube

Hello Lovely People, Welcome New Folks,

This is how my classes are running just now on Zoom. If you have yet to update Zoom, please do here.

45 minute classes are purely seasonal yoga and qigong. 75 minute classes go deeper and we end with a delicious relaxation, yoga nidra.

Please click on a class link to sign up. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with class ID and password.  You need to sign up for each class. Zoom newbie? Sign up info at bottom of page.

Paypal details are below or pay me directly online. Did you know the unlimited 5 week pass for £50/40 is also a household pass for all family members? With 4 classes a week, it works out £2.50 a class! Struggling financially? Please join classes for free.

Mondays 9.45 – 11.00am: Register in advance for this yoga class

Tuesdays 7.30 – 8.45pm: Register in advance for this yoga class

Wednesdays 6.45 – 8pm: Register in advance for this yoga class:

Fridays 5.00-5.45pm: Wind down after your week with yoga and qigong:

At the start of class, I take a register of who is present. If you have signed up for class but can’t make it, please let me know so we don’t wait on you. You can message, email or text me on 07727 015703.

Use your own music or my Summer Spotify playlist


If you already have my bank details, please pay me directly.  Or you can pay me using Paypal.

Prices for online classes are as follows:

75 minute class drop in £9/7 low waged/donation. 1st class £5/free

45 minute class drop in £7/5 low waged/donation.1st class £5/free

Block of 5 classes, valid for 5 weeks full price £40/ low waged £30/donation

Unlimited classes for household valid 5 weeks: £50/40 low waged/donation

Classes are FREE to anyone in crisis – support Yoga with Lucie by sharing my classes with family and friends. Donations are also welcome. Choose an option from the drop down menu

1 class or block of 5 classes valid 5 weeks

If you need to contact me, get in touch


Sign up for class in plenty of time in case there are any issues.
Make sure you have Zoom installed
Let me know when you sign up as we have had issues with folks doing so and Zoom not adding them to the attendee lists!
You can text me on 07727 015703
Message me via email or Messenger

Upon registration, you get a confirmation email (long one!) with a unique meeting ID and password  – eg ID 994-262-680 and password 377641. You need these from your email to join the class. If the password doesn’t work, try your PERSONAL password. That should do the trick. Join in plenty of time as above!

Turn your speaker up so you can hear me.
Use your own music or my Summer Spotify playlist

So far we’ve had some lovely classes. It’s wonderful seeing everyone and one important way we can share being present x