Deep Relaxation


Deep Relaxation designed to give you tools to unwind tension, melt away stress and thoroughly relax

Suitable for anyone who could do with some r&r: tired parents, desk and coffee junkies, plumbers, sparks, runners and cyclists, posties, complete beginners to yoga to more advanced practitioners.

Simple moving sequences, breathing techniques to settle body and mind, meditation to becalm and focus, rounded off with the deeply relaxing yoga nidra, the ultimate yoga power nap. 15 minutes of yoga nidra is the equivalent of resting for an hour. Let the relaxation revolution begin!


Sunday 4th November 3-6pm, Deep Relaxation & MELT £30/25 low waged. Bring a friend £27.50pp. On the day £35/30 low waged

Seasonal Yoga Academy, 64 Darnley St, G41 2SE

see MELT


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