Foundation Yoga Workshops/Classes

Special Introduction to Yoga

Find out why it’s ok not to be able to touch your toes and still practise yoga!
This is your chance to try some gentle yoga postures in tune with your breathing in a safe and calm environment. Lucie, your teacher, will be on hand to share a little of the philosophy of yoga and answer any questions you might have. You will also have the chance to practise yogic breathing (pranayama) and the session will end with the deeply relaxing guided mediation, Yoga Nidra.

Suitable for complete beginners or those wishing to reconnect with their practice after a long break.

Beginners Yoga

This is the ideal place to start a yoga practice, refresh your practice after a long break, pregnancy or injury or deepen your ongoing practice. You will begin with good breathing practice, helping unwind patterns of tension in the body. You will be guided in key yoga postures and correct alignment, in tune with your body’s own capability. As well as posture practice, you will be introduced to other elements of yoga, pranayama (yogic breathing techniques that focus and energise suitable for the time of year) and guided meditation techniques. Towards the end of each workshop we will focus on sun salutations, ensuring safe practice for wrists and lower back, so that you have options for different times of your life / physical conditions.

The sessions are gentle, encouraging you to listen to your body to ensure safe and enjoyable practice, as you begin to improve your flexibility and ease tension. I share a little of the philosophy of yoga and answer any questions you might have.
This course will give you basic tools and a handout for a home practice, helping you gain better flexibility, improved tone, relaxed body and calm mind.


I lead Foundation classes on Tuesdays 6.45-7.45pm at Fantini Pilates, Craig House, 64 Darnley St

Wear comfortable soft clothing.
If you can, drink water throughout the day before class, and allow at least 2-3 hours after eating a meal before class.



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