Covid-19 Guidelines

Guidance for Participating in Class

Welcome back to class with Yoga with Lucie. I am dedicated to keeping you safe whilst enjoying the incredible benefits of coming to class. I deeply value the role that yoga and wellness plays especially during a pandemic such as COVID-19. This is why I have made staying safe in class an easy and seamless process from the minute you set foot inside the door.

The following guidelines outline the simple protective measures we can all take in attending class. Please read carefully, so you know what is expected of you. What Yoga with Lucie is doing to uphold Government advice on Covid -19? See last page.

I (the participant) will:


  • Pay for my session in advance (if applicable) using an online payment system
  • Submit my screening questionnaire electronically
  • Confirm with Lucie that I am coming to the session: text or WhatsApp 07727 015703
  • Find out where my class is taking place (Blair Hall) and consider how I will get to it safely, avoiding congested areas. Parking is available on street.
  • Adhere to the latest Scottish Government guidelines if I am using public transport.
  • Arrive a little early, wait outside the appropriate entrance, socially distanced until admitted into class by Lucie.


  • Arrive at the session wearing the clothes I intend to participate in
  • Bring my own water bottle, yoga mat, blanket for my use only. Option to bring block/bricks/belt


  • Sign the register, allow my temperature to be taken before entering the building
  • Wear a mask entering and leaving the building, getting to my mat space, moving about the studio, going to the toilet
  • Wash my hands on arrival at the session and bring hand sanitiser or use hand sanitiser if it is provided at the venue
  • Wash my hands after the session and again when I get home
  • Try my best to adhere to social distancing guidelines at all times before, during and after the session.
  • Let Lucie know if I feel unwell at any point before, during and after the session.
  • If I feel unwell before the session, cancel my attendance via text or WhatsApp on 07727 015703
  • If I develop Covid-19 symptoms after the session, to let Lucie know as soon as possible via text or WhatsApp on 07727 015703 so Contact and Trace procedures can be followed.
  • Bring a bag to store your belongings in: coats, shoes etc


  • Let Lucie know if I felt the session could be improved to help me feel safe and have fun
  • Consider how I got to the session, is there anything I could have done differently to improve my safety and the safety of others around me?
  • Consider what I did whilst participating in the session, is there anything I could have done differently to improve my safety and the safety of others around me?
  • Consider how I got home from the session, is there anything I could have done differently to improve my safety and the safety of others around me?
  • Talk to someone, such as a responsible adult, coach or doctor if I felt anxious about taking part

Yoga with Lucie Operating Plan

Hygiene measures at venue:

  • Mats not to be in circles or face to face – guidance on distancing indoors is 2 metres
  • Hand sanitation on entering the building and/or studio room
  • Check there are soap, paper towels, hand drier available in the WC areas
  • No tea/coffee, shared food area – please bring your own refreshments / water bottles
  • Removal of all non-essential equipment
  • Studio door handles, toilets, floors cleaned prior to the start of the session. Touch spots like door handles, flush handles to be disinfected between each use.
  • Protocol for contact & trace measures if anyone develops symptoms post session
  • Protocol for a participant who develops Covid-19 symptoms while in situ:
  • No congregating in doorways. Adhering to the 2 metre distance guidelines at all times, as best as possible. Ideally, venues will have one-way systems in place to follow.

Personal safety

  • Participants to bring their own sanitised mat and equipment including a mask
  • Participants to bring your own hand sanitiser
  • Wash hands regularly during the day and avoid touching your face

Teacher’s responsibility

  • Identifying high risk people and ensuring they do not attend class
  • Risk assessment check list completed before class starts
  • Ensure guidelines and safety measures are adhered to and participants feel safe and relaxed
  • Adequate ventilation measures are in place. Opening windows and doors if possible
  • Practices such as nadi shodhana (or practices which require touching the face), or kapalabhati, bhastrika and simhasana (using a forceful exhale) as well as chanting, partner asana or physical assists or adjustment will be avoided.
  • If anyone develop symptoms of Covid-19 during class, class will end and we will leave the buillding mindfully with good wishes for the person feeling unwell. We will follow Government guidelines on next steps.