Love Early Summer Mini Retreat

Saturday 22 May 4.00 - 6.00pm


IN PERSON@The Gateway, 100 Merrylee Road, G43 2RA

Places limited to 16: mats 2.4m apart

Expect to have a really good time! Early Summer is a favourite time of year for me as a yoga teacher. It is a time of joy and fun, we invite agility into our bodies as the days grow lighter and warmer in a lighthearted way.

Movement practice will be fluid, sinuous, stretching across the chest, into the arms and legs, then back to our core and centre, working the pericardium and triple heater meridians.

We will enjoy a heart filled deep relaxation (yoga nidra) to thoroughly rest, allowing deep seated patterns of holding to release. In my experience, 25 minutes of yoga nidra feels like I've slept deeply for about an hour. We will practise a wonderful Early Summer nidra to nourish and nurture us.

The afternoon will end with breathwork and quiet meditation, opening our hearts into the present, shared moment. Often stress occupies the forefront of our attention, we veer from stress to joy to sadness, anger to joy in an journey of ups and downs. Knowing that each of us has the capacity to simply be can be both liberating and like coming home. We will practise heartfelt meditation. enabling us to feel at at home with ourselves and each other, connected and calm in celebration of lighter and warmer days!


Please bring a full water bottle, yoga mat, block/brick, cushions and blankets for deep relaxation. Wear comfy soft clothing and layers. Weather permitting we will practise out on the lawns for part of the session. Bring a mask, you are required to wear it upon entering and leaving the hall, getting to your mat space, going to the toilet. Practice is without masks. The hall will be well ventilated and if needed the heating on. If you can, bring a wee something to nibble on after deep relaxation - something earthy like dark chocolate or dates are good x

If you would like to borrow kit, let me know in advance.
Small car park & on street parking available.

If you would like to prepare in advance, a couple of mouthfuls of water every 10-15 minutes is an excellent way to hydrate your connective tissue.


My mini retreat is open to all levels, including lapsed inflexible yogis 🙂 Ideally suited to those with 1 year + experience. No experience in qigong required.

If fully booked/preferred, joining via Zoom will be offered, pending a connectivity test.

Any questions, please get in touch!

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  • Yoga, qigong, breath work and meditation to fill the heart
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