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Yoga with Lucie Potter

I remember my first yoga class. Lying down on the mats, we were invited to notice how our breathing felt in our bodies. With my eyes closed I felt like finally I had found something where I didn't need to keep pushing myself but could simply be....I have never looked back.

And now I am your yoga teacher! Where will your first yoga class lead you?

Welcome to Yoga with Lucie: you've struck gold!

Let my experience guide you to feeling better. I specialise in seasonal flow yoga, qigong, breathwork, meditation and deep relaxation.

I offer life enhancing classes, one to one teaching and more, so you can feel better in your body, calmer and more focused, more present, grounded and happy.

From burn out in my mid 20s, I have devoted years to improving my life quality through practice and research and I'm excited to share and tailor that learning for you!

Isn't it time to truly love your body, to truly connect and feel better? What would it be like to feel that each and every day?

Why wait? With over 19 years experience in yoga, I commit to offering you the most effective practices, in tune with nature, so you are more flexible, more mindful, more rested, more present, so you truly feel better each day. Excited? I am! Message me, I would love to hear from you!

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I am an experienced 500 hours yoga alliance teacher in seasonal yoga, specialising in seasonal yoga, qigong and yoga nidra, a deeply restorative relaxation technique that allows the body to thoroughly let go. I  have practised yoga since 2002 studying Iyengar, Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow yoga, with elements of Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Feldenkreis movement. I have taught yoga since 2011 and attend regular varied training to develop skills so I can better serve you.



Lucie is brilliant - she really pays attention to each person and makes sure everyone is getting the best out of the class. She explains why as well as showing us what to do - and the meditations at the end of each session are great too. Highly recommended. Mary Bowden, Beginners Course

'Just had an amazing weekend at one of Lucie's yoga retreats by the sea. Lucie chooses the best locations and sets a very inclusive and warm atmosphere. Her knowledge of her subject is very impressive and I always feel in safe hands. As an added bonus I sleep so well after her sessions too'. Susan, Yoga by the Sea Retreat, May 2023

'Such a lovely class last night. I really benefited from it - physically and mentally! Actually fell asleep at the end - which I've only done once before. Am in a better place today. I'm grateful that you are doing hybrid zoom classes' Gillian, online client

'Really enjoyed and appreciated the flexibility of Youtube and the range of options, there was always something I could do which fitted with time available and energy levels...Would definitely sign up again for the next element - great job Lucie! xxx' Lesley Henderson, Fire YogaFit

Thanks so much for a wonderful afternoon Lucie. Ciaran and I feel thoroughly nourished! Look forward to seeing you again soon...Xx' Liz & Ciaran, Nourish Mini Retreat 2022

'I have absolutely loved the Earth fit challenge! I have really felt the benefit of the core work, strengthening the physical and also the emotional core, and your encouragement to nourish and take care of ourselves has just been lovely. Sometimes we all need reminding! I have really enjoyed your short flows - really energising in the morning, as well as the slow flow to relax before bedtime. Thank you for all your time and effort in making these videos - it is very much appreciated!'
Rosalind Ross, Earth YogaFit

Thanks Lucie for a lovely retreat. Feeling very chilled this evening! Fiona, Sanctuary Day Retreat : Water element

I wanted to send you a message to say how much I'm enjoying your classes, they are just fab!!! I really look forward to Mondays !! Xx Amy, Flow to Glow class, March 2024