Snowdrops in Queens Park Glasgow

Healthy habits for early Spring

March 25, 2024

Embracing the Seasonal Shift: Navigating Winter to Spring Transitioning from Winter to Spring isn’t a smooth ride. This article looks at what is happening energetically and how we can sow…

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Sleep hygiene & the Power of Yoga Nidra

March 14, 2024

On World Sleep Day, rate last night’s sleep out of 10. What is your answer and why? I am here to evangelise that prioritising sleep hygiene and incorporating regular rest breaks into our routine can have profound benefits for our overall well-being. So if you’re with me, read on…

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How to keep joints healthy

May 3, 2023

Are your joints sore? Is sitting down, getting up, walking up stairs a seesaw of stiffness and pain? When our joints are working we move with relative ease, mainly unaware…

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Healthy habits for Autumn: PART ONE

November 8, 2022

Healthy habits for Autumn Autumn in the season of the Metal element, characterised by the Lungs and Large Intestine meridians that run from the chest, along the arms down and…

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Slow down in Late Summer & 3 reasons why

October 5, 2022

‘Slow down, you move too fast. You need to make the morning last’. The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy) by Simon & Garfunkel Late Summer can be a tricky…

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Early Summer & our connective tissue health

May 18, 2022

Early Summer is a short but very sweet season – 21 May – 20 June – where we focus on our connective tissue health in our practice. Associated with the…

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4 healthy habits to boost your Spring energy

May 3, 2022

Can’t make class this week? Want to bring the benefits of Spring practice into your day? Here are four simple Spring healthy habits you can do today to boost energy…

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Cold busting home remedy – v.2

October 1, 2021

Super simple cold busting drink recipe In my post from 2017, I wrote about my recipe to bust colds. I still stand by my fiery adult ginger & garlic brew…

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4 tips for self care in Late Summer

September 14, 2021

September-October is the time for nourishing self care Looking after our needs is vitally important. Making sure we are well rested, nourished and centred means we are strong for the…

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Best Granola Ever Recipe

September 3, 2021

This family favourite is brings delicious nourishment into our breakfasts, the KEY meal in Late Summer. This is when our stomach acid is strongest so we digest the most nutrients…

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