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Fieldstudies in Yoga Nidra

Sunday 2 June 2024 10am-12.30pm / 2-5pm

Imagine a series of beautiful gardens, each tended with loving care and exquisitely beautiful. This one day immersion offers the opportunity to be expertly guided through key lineages and approaches within the field of yoga nidra so you gain clear and comprehensive understanding of nidra through direct experience.

It’s an excellent way to deepen your knowledge, broaden your experience of this relaxation / sleep practice with a welcoming, informed and experienced guide, Lucie. You will emerge deeply relaxed and calm with a good foundational knowledge in what yoga nidra is all about.

Here’s what you can expect:


  • Understanding of FOUR key yoga nidra schools/lineages
  • Understand what yoga nidra is/can be and its history
  • Two informative talks with time for discussion


  • Experience FIVE types of guided yoga nidra created live from mind maps not scripts
  • Experience FOUR different types of rotation of consciousness
  • Experience GROUNDING qigong practice to rebalance & centre

Lucie has created this day long immersion rather than sessions spread over a few weeks to make it really easy for you. Included are recordings of all nidras for you to practise afterwards and a regular self practice is encouraged! Attendance is ideally in person, however there is also an option to attend live via Zoom.

During the day you will alternate your Nidra practices with talks, qigong & breaks to allow time for you to assimilate the benefits and ground yourself between each practice. There will also be time to integrate and reflect back on the day as a group and explore continuing self practice.

This immersion is a prerequisite to the Wildsong Nidra Facilitator Training.

Who is this course suitable for?

Whether you are a yoga teacher / therapist wishing to deepen your skillset; wanting to access Facilitator training in Wildsong Nidra; or interested in the benefits of yoga nidra for your own wellbeing and health to reduce stress, improve your sleep, to restore energy; or absorb teachings of the beautiful variety within the field of yoga nidra, this one day immersion is open to all levels of experience.

Immersion Cost £95

All Nidras created will be recorded and shared as mp3s to enable self practice and further study

Delicious snacks will be provided. Please bring your lunch.