5 element Yogafit

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5 Element Yoga Fit

5 Element Yoga Fit programmes flow with the seasons. They empower our growth with an enjoyable and healthy balance of movement, mindwork and more. Imagine yourself physically strong yet limber, mentally resilient, loving and kind, emotionally open and grateful, truly glowing with health. We are Yoga Fit when all these elements are in balance. There is no one way or one size fits all. Each of us is different, and our needs and energy levels change each day and throughout life. These courses honour and support our uniqueness and build on that with you to help you thrive. Are you ready to start?

Registration for the WOOD 21 day Yoga Fit is open!

Your practice as you need it, when you need it: fully online course of manageable, multi-levelled options with fresh videos and inspiration shared over the 21 days in yoga and qigong, workouts, breathwork, meditation, yoga nidra and more tuned to each element/season.

  • Expert guidance: I am an 500 hours experienced Yoga Teacher and Trainer in Seasonal Yoga and Qigong and an Associate Facilitator of Total Yoga Nidra, with 20 years’ combined practice and teaching. 5km runner, swimmer, workout fan and foodie, I know the value of being healthy. I LOVE people, keeping it real, you are in good hands!
  • Balanced: you value being healthy physically, mentally and emotionally and want to invest in your health and knowhow
  • Accountable: you want to see and feel your progress
  • Together: you want to be part of a supportive peer group sharing the same transformative journey

If these apply to you, then this course is for you.


BOOST & SUSTAIN energy, physically, mentally and emotionally with a potent mix of yoga and qigong – for all levels. Mindful movement & workouts for healthy joints & strength at a pace that builds your energy levels. REBALANCE with STILLNESS practices: breathwork, meditation and deep relaxation. Plan an inspiring year of your dreams with the steps to make it reality. Support yourself with Health Practices, so you are truly Yoga Fit and in your power.

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  • Tell me about your experience and what level you are at:
  • I want to know your postural routines and movement
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'I have absolutely loved the Earth fit challenge! I have really felt the benefit of the core work, strengthening the physical and also the emotional core, and your encouragement to nourish and take care of ourselves has just been lovely. Sometimes we all need reminding! I have really enjoyed your short flows - really energising in the morning, as well as the slow flow to relax before bedtime. Thank you for all your time and effort in making these videos - it is very much appreciated!'
Rosalind Ross

'Been really enjoying Earth Yoga Fit. Find the shorter flows good to do with breath/core/prostrations etc added on. Did the new flow today, like the relaxation at end, Was tempted to just stay there.'
Anne, 21 day Earth

'Noooo, can't believe it's over! I love the checklist and the chat on WhatsApp is brill for extra support. I like the flexibility of doing it when you can in the short bursts and the bedtime meditation and flow were fab. I'll sign up for a second 21 day challenge!' Nicki Watson, 21 day Fire

'Really enjoyed and appreciated the flexibility of Youtube and the range of options, there was always something I could do which fitted with time available and energy levels...Would definitely sign up again for the next element - great job Lucie! xxx' Lesley Henderson, Fire 21 days