Wildsong Nidra: Enriched Rest


Yoga nidra is a simple, deeply relaxing process. Many of us experience it at the end of class or workshop. Some of you may not know what it is. Yoga nidra is both a guided relaxation and an effortless state of being; a wonderful practice of rest, whilst the brain is working at a deep level of healing.

Wildsong Nidra: Enriched Rest Sessions are crafted in tune with the seasons, offering sanctuary and enriched rest, sharing tools to rebalance in a safe and comfy places in partnership with key studios in Glasgow.

Excellent for anyone who could do with some r&r: tired parents, desk and coffee junkies, plumbers, sparks, runners and cyclists, posties, complete beginners to yoga to more advanced practitioners. Especially helpful if you experience insomnia or disrupted sleep, stress, tension, anxiety, perimenopausal issues, have experienced yoga nidra before, love the practice or are simply curious to see what it is like.


wildsong nidra winter

Winter & The Story of Yoga Nidra, Sunday 22 January 3.00 - 5.30pm

Merchant City Yoga, Virginia St, Glasgow

Winter is a special season of hibernation, a time for inner connection, to coorie in and rest, refilling and rebalancing our essential function. Traditionally a time rich in storytelling, let my Winter nidras weave their magic to lull the weariest of souls to deep rest.

In the main studio at Merchant City Yoga, this afternoon offers sanctuary in the midst of our busy lives. Of all the yogic practices, nidra is perhaps the simplest yet most profound.

Prepare to feel utterly nourished and learn the stories behind this accessible and wide-ranging practice. Lucie will create and share 2-3 delicious nidras in your time together:

  • Winter infused nidra

  • The stories of nidra

  • Himalayan nidra with singing bowls, tingsha & chimes

  • Meditative nidra (can be done seated)

Practice will nestle around a break for spiced tea and snacks so we emerge feeling nurtured on all levels.

£35 / 27 low waged / concession