mini retreats+revitalisers

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Mini & Day retreats: I lead indulgently enjoyable retreats for each season. These last two-three hours or a full day and give you the space to focus on yoga and much more, attuned to the season. Yoga and qi gong practice is fused with pranayama (breathwork) and meditation at a leisurely and rewarding pace and there are real benefits to practising in a group for an extended time. Each retreat has a break for a cup of herbal tea and ends with the guided meditation/relaxation practice of Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep).

MELT: If you wake with an achy back/neck, or after sitting for a length of time, upon getting up and moving, feel stiff, this workshop will work wonders! Bye bye discomfort/ageing, hello feeling limber and great. Our daily habits, posture and stressful lifestyles cause our connective tissue to become dehydrated. We experience this as stiffness through to pain. MELT helps rehydrate our connective tissue with very simple self massage using balls. More info here

 Revitaliser retreats: designed to restore balance and promote good energy flow throughout the whole body, we will practise a seamless flow of yoga and qi gong to flush energy through all the organ meridians. Excellent for boosting vitality and strengthening immunity at key points throughout the year, these Revitaliser retreats are suitable for all levels of practice. After a break for herbal tea, we will practise pranayama and meditation to balance energy and calm body and mind. I will lead the group through the restorative Yoga Nidra to round off the retreat, and you will experience a deep tranquility by the end of the session. If you are unsure whether you can manage three hours of practice, the retreats usually have around 1.5 hours of yoga, split into two sessions, complemented with breathing work, meditation and relaxation.  We usually warm up and practice a more energetic flow of standing poses, with more meditative seated and inversions after the tea break. Please do not hesitate to get in touch to find out more if you need. 
The venues

The Sanctuary at Langside Parish Church is a beautiful, large, circular space, light and airy, with underfloor heating. Tea break is in the garden room and there is a quiet space for those wishing a more contemplative break. There are mats, blocks and belts for 12 and 20 soft blankets for relaxation. If you have your own mat, belt (dressing gown/woven scarf), please bring. Langside Parish Church, Ledard Road, G42 9QU

Seasonal Yoga Academy is in the 19th century red sandstone McCormick building, 46 Darnley St, two doors along from Craig House. The studio entrance is through two large wooden doors with round windows into a modern, airy, light filled yoga studio, equipped with mats, blocks, belts, bolsters and blankets, complete with the original crackle glazed cream tiles lining the walls. Beautiful. Seasonal Yoga Academy, McCormick Building, 46 Darnley St, G41 2TY

The Old Barn is a beautifully converted stone building with an equipped yoga studio upstairs and relaxing social space on the ground floor. Tucked away in Pollok Park, nestling by the allotments and former riding school, the space is a real oasis in the city. Practice here is truly special and time spent here will leave a soothing imprint on the soul.


WingTsjun Kung Fu Studio is conveniently located beside Shawlands Arcade up on the second floor, it is light, bright and equipped for 12 people, 32 Eastwood Avenue, G41 3NS

Payment and refunds

Please note, payment is in full in advance. If you are unable to attend and let me know by the Wednesday before, you will be refunded £10 for a 2 hour workshop, £15 for a 3 hour workshop, £30 for a full day. Less notice and you will not be refunded unfortunately. If someone is found to take your place, you will be refunded in full.

I do hope you can join me for a thoroughly relaxing yet energising practice of yoga, breath work (pranayama) and meditation.


Recent retreats feedback

‘ Thank you Lucie x a wonderful practice x’, Susan

‘Another lovely class – thank you’, Marie-Ann

‘Thank you for pressing my reset button’, Dorothy O.