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Welcome to feeling better

Invest in feeling better: Beginners Yoga courses / try a class

Mondays 6.15 - 7.20pm, Blair Hall, Newlands South Church, 37 Riverside Road

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Wondering if yoga could help you? Do you suffer from back ache, anxiety, insomnia?

Are you worried you can't touch your toes? Not bendy enough? Not calm enough? Wrong body shape? Not young enough?

Want to dip your toes in before you commit to investing in yourself? RELAX. Simply message me and drop in!

Welcome to our deeply nourishing 75 minutes where we gently ease away aches and pains, allow our busy minds to settle a little and enjoy a soothing deep relaxation.

It's always good to have a buddy when trying something new, so take advantage of the Bring a Friend offer and invite your friends to join you!

TRY A CLASS: £14/11pp low waged

Bring a friend/s and pay £10pp

Can't wait that long? I get it, I'm like that too. Maybe you need the short cut to feeling better quicker. Book in a one to one and start your journey now. Investing in your wellbeing? Well, it's priceless. How about for the cost of a pair of shoes? Give me a call and see if this option is right for you or chat about the course.

Call Lucie on 07727 015703

Beginners Yoga courses

Mondays 6.15 - 7.20pm

Blair Hall, Newlands South Church, 37 Riverside Road

Each course has a special little extra, attuned with the season, so you build a strong foundation on every level & your practice evolves

5 week course:

15 April - 20 May (no class 6 May)

- Healthy Muscles & Joints & Breathing for calm

3 June - 1 July

- Sun salutes & Loving Kindness Meditation

£61/52 low waged/conc. Drop in £14/11


In person teaching tailored to your needs

Dedicated small WhatsApp group for bonus free teaching and support

FREE online programme of enjoyable, clear & effective sessions 1 - 25 minutes (worth £59)

Deep relaxation mp3s from class to embed calm

Fun optional mini challenges to help embed your practice

Welcome to feeling better in body, mind and self!

Imagine how you will feel after a programme of SUPPORTED practice: more flexible, more toned, rested and calm. You will have the know how and online support to build these into your day. Sounds good, right?

Let my experience guide you to changing how you feel, how you move and how you focus for the better. I draw from over 20 years experience in yoga, 5 element qigong, breathwork, meditation and deep relaxation, with 11 of those years devoted to empowering beginners like yourself to make lasting change.


These courses are the ideal place to start a yoga practice or refresh your practice after a long break, pregnancy or injury. An enjoyable mix to free up the body, boost our central nervous system function, bring clarity and deep rest (yes yogic sleep is as important as toe touching here!) so we function and importantly FEEL better, brighter, calmer.


Each course will give you a foundation in key postures, bandhas, breath work, simple meditation and deep rest.

Part of our practice explores sun salutation options, ensuring safe practice for all; so that we have a practice tailored for different bodies / times of our life / physical changes.

These effective practices can be used to improve flexibility, build body strength, focus the mind and calm emotions, so that you have a raft of tools to use for different life situations.


The sessions are gentle, encouraging, welcoming, dare I say it, fun! I offer plenty of options for all bodies and encourage everyone to practise as suits them in that moment. There is no keeping up! I cannot wait to support you to improve flexibility, tone up your core and pelvic floor, ease away stress and become more present.

The courses are supported with a private WhatsApp group to share deep relaxation mp3s, free bonus teaching, as well as fun invites and mini challenges. We slowly, gently and enjoyably take our practice off the mat and more into our day, in small super manageable steps, so it sticks, helping us embed the change we wish to be.
Each course has a max of 18 participants to run, so bring a friend and get signed up!
If you have any questions, ask away, I look forward to talking with you further
Lucie x


I will be there to greet you, to get you signed in and show you to the hall. Gentle adjustments are optional.

Wear comfortable soft clothing.
If you can, drink water throughout the day before class, and allow at least 2-3 hours after eating a meal before class.

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