4 healthy habits to boost your Spring energy

Can’t make class this week? Want to bring the benefits of Spring practice into your day? Here are four simple Spring healthy habits you can do today to boost energy and help you feel brighter and lighter, Spring fresh!

1. Walk in nature

Spring energy loves movement, especially first thing. Even if simply to walk around the block and appreciate people’s gardens and window boxes. Making that daily commitment to get away from our desk and out into nature lifts our mood and energy. Here in Glasgow, in the Northern Hemisphere, Springtime is a great unfurling of fresh green leaves. Because they photosynthesise, they release a nourishing blanket of oxygen, excellent for an energy boost. Getting away from screens is a good break for our eyes. Walking frees up our bodies, improves our postural habits and we need to move to keep our lymph system draining (part of our immune system function and health), so what are you waiting for?

Walk in nature: horse chestnut leaves freshly open in Queens Park, Glasgow

2. Eat Spring fresh greens

So anything green and leafy, lightly cooked is really good for the liver and digestive system. Stir frying is a great way to keep vitamins and minerals in our food and the key taste focus is sour or sharp – dress with a squeeze of lemon and drizzle of olive oil, and boom! Springtime on a plate. This year I finally made wild nettle soup: silky, spinachy, iron-clad tastiness pictured below.

Eat Spring fresh greens

3. Keep hydrated

Aim to drink up to two litres of water a day. Ideally room temperature, not iced or chilled as this lowers our digestive function, or enjoy it warm or herbal teas. Being practical is helpful, with a glass or water bottle handy on your desk. Avoid caffeinated drinks or even decaffeinated tea or coffee, as in my experience, they still dehydrate. A favourite of mine is my Spiced Ginger Tea or simply hot water. A lovely way to start the day is a good squeeze of lemon juice into warm water: because the warmth stimulates our digestive system and the lemon adds a Springtime sour taste.

Zesty lemon in warm water

4. Mindful movement

The liver loves movement because when we are feeling frustrated or sluggish; moving perks us up, changes our mindset into a more positive outlook. I’m reading about the important of movement and our brain nerve function, and how certain movement sequences alleviate symptoms as common and diverse as migraine, depression and asthma. I cannot wait to share my findings with you! Meantime, naturally I am going to encourage you, wholeheartedly invite you (!) to join me in class. Because my 20 year yoga and more recently qigong practice brings me so many incredible benefits, it is my passion to share them with as many people as I can and that does mean you.

But I get that sometimes life happens, our commitment slips. Because life gets busy, our timetable shifts, the biscuit tin beckons, we get tired, work builds up. So if that is you, why not commit to yourself this week and enjoy one of my Spring sessions for free on Yoga with Lucie on Youtube? From 5 minute meditations to reset our mindset to 10 minute wake up qigong and 30 minute Spring yoga flows. Spring fresh? After trying these four healthy habits to boost your Spring energy, you will be!

Boost energy with mindful movement

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Love Early Summer Mini Retreat