Benefits of Winter to Spring yoga & practice

As the seasons change from Winter to Spring time, it can feel tricky. This is the shift from deep Yin to rising Yang. From the dark stillness of Winter, inward focus, hibernation to the life force rising, pushing out of the dark earth into the sunshine.

Consider the sheer energy needed for a seed to swell, split open and the tiny rootlets push down and spread and the shoot push upwards and out of the cold hard soil. That’s Spring.

Winter is the season of the Water element; Spring of Wood. Winter gives rise to Spring.

Out of balance, Spring Wood energy expresses itself in outbursts; untempered energy. Examples include anger, frustration, hangry, aimless, depressed, rigid, muscular tension, eye issues, migraines, hot flashes, brain fog, can’t see the wood for the trees.

Water/winter nourishes Wood/Spring, so anytime we need to come back home to ourselves, instil calm, find clarity or boost our energy levels, this needs to come from stillness.

photo of crocus in Queens park

Stillness practice includes breathing slow deep relaxed breaths, meditation, rest, enough food, water, gentle mindful movement, good sleep, enough water. Be seedlike.

As for Wood practice, relax, we will have that covered. The benefits of Spring yoga & practice are increased flexibility, strength, better stability, feeling grounded and clear fresh thinking, a clear vision of future plans. Sounds good? It will be!

Meantime in the coming week we will broker this transition with our standing Body Clock qigong flow to press the reset button on every level. I’m excited as there are some fresh new moves in there, gathered from my deeper Qigong training this past 15 months. This balances out all the meridians in their natural daily rhythm. Really good to do each season to bring us back into a harmonious energetic flow, so we function well.

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