Classes this Winter

Winter practice

In Winter, it's all about refilling our energy banks (filling the well), allowing the body to settle, release stress and anxiety and rejuvenate. Winter is a great time of year to recharge and rest, lead a slower, calmer, quieter life. Take time to be in or around water, through (wild) swimming, foot spas, bathing. It is an excellent time to review the year that has been and the year to come, setting goals and plans.

In our practice, we are working with the Bladder and Kidney meridians. These run down the back of the body, (starting from the inner eye, running over the head, at two and four finger widths either side of the spine, down the back of the legs to the outside of the little toes) and up the front of the body, (starting at the base of the big toe pad up the inner legs, a finger width either side of the navel and up to the inner edges of the collar bone). Practice is deeply soothing for the central nervous system, freeing up the front and back of the body gently, using repetition to towards a more yin like experience of deep opening and listening, supported with nourishing yoga nidras.

Yoga, Qigong & Nidra: 75 minutes

Mondays 9.45am, Tuesdays 7.30pm


Offering a deeper practice of seasonal vinyasa flow & qigong to support our natural energy cycle. Together we create space in body and mind, strengthened and refreshed. Ends with a 15 minute seasonal yoga nidra to deeply relax

Suitable for those with an established practice (1 year+)

Yoga & Qigong: 45 minutes

Fridays 9.45am - currently not running


A shorter class improving energy flow in delicious ways. Moving mindfully with the breath, we explore stretch, spaciousness and find calm, ready to face the day. I offer options as we go to suit your level of experience.

Suitable for all levels

Gentle Yoga: 30 minutes

Thursdays 6.30pm - currently not running

Fridays 5.30pm

£4/3, *£8/6, **£7/5

Short seasonal vinyasa flow to gently unwind tension and boost health and wellbeing, breathing and moving in harmony. Expect to feel good.

*Can be joined with the next class for a longer, more nourishing practice

* with Thursday Nidra £8/6

** with Friday Breathwork & Meditation £7/5

Suitable for all levels, beginners welcome

Yoga Nidra: 45 minutes

Thursdays 7.00pm - currently not running

£6/4 (*£8/6)

Yoga nidra invites us to come back to our true nature whilst enjoying relaxation. There is literally nothing to do. Get yourself super comfy and cosy, dim the lights. Make sure you will not be disturbed and let me guide you to a blissful state safely. Nidra is my specialism so we will explore different types together. There will also be the opportunity to co-create nidras to truly suit the group, a wonderful and healing approach. Make sure you have pillows, blankets, cushions a plenty. You can lie anywhere, any position, comfort is key.

*Can be joined with the Gentle Yoga class for a longer, more nourishing practice

Suitable for all levels, beginners welcome

Breathwork & Meditation: 30 minutes

Fridays 6.00pm

£4/3 (**£7/5)

End your week well with quiet spaciousness. Breathwork & Meditation are simple yet potent practices that improve energy flow and literally rewire the brain to be more content and calm. Do not worry if you can't switch off, I will gently guide us to a more restful and refreshed version of ourselves, ready for the weekend.

Make sure you have a comfy seated position. We can look at this in class too.

**Can be joined with the Gentle Yoga class for a longer, more nourishing practice

Suitable for all levels, beginners welcome

One to one/home: 60 minutes

Live together online

£45 per household

Let me work with you in the comfort of your home from my yoga studio, tailoring sessions to suit your needs. Whatever you want to improve: flexibility, strength, health, wellbeing, we can explore specific sequences to really help your body and mind. Expect to feel lighter, more grounded, more flexible and calm. Sessions can be recorded so you have a practice video unique to your needs.

If cost is a barrier, please contact me.

Suitable for all levels, beginners welcome