Notice: Class changes!

There will be no classes Friday 9th Ocotober, Monday 12th October and Friday 16th October


In Spring we help our naturally rising energy to ground and feel well rooted. Nourishing our roots allows us to see the way ahead clearly, planning well, feeling assured. Practice is a delicious mix of rooted stretch, enjoying side bends, twists, freeing up the body, and using our gaze to find clarity in the present moment

A flowing sequence to deepen the breath, boosting digestive health and the immune system. We will unwind old patterns of holding and tension, bringing focus and calm.

Special focus is on boosting immunity, strengthening the lungs and instilling calm. Classes are running ONLINE

Mondays 9.45 - 11.00am 

Tuesdays 7.30-8.45pm

 Wednesdays 6.45 - 8.00pm 

Fridays 5.00 - 5.45pm

1st class £5/free! 75 minute class: drop in £9/7 low waged. 45 minute class: drop in £7/5 low waged

5 class block £40/30 low waged*

Unlimited 5 week pass £50/40  low waged*

*valid from first use. Unlimited 5 week pass is a household pass, so everyone at home can join in.

If cost is a barrier to coming, contact me and pay what you can manage/ join for free


What is Seasonal Flow Yoga?

'Thank you for the best night's sleep of the week!'

A flowing sequence of postures that help unwind stress and restore energy and balance. Stretch and strengthen your body and calm your mind in tune with the changing seasons.

Tired? Tight shoulders, stiff lower back? Busy with the kids, long working hours, intense studies, can't sleep? Then relax, leave it all at the door. You will be guided through warm up techniques and postures working with the breath, with particular focus on those beneficial for each season. Practice is a flowing sequence of poses, unwinding patterns of tension, so you feel refreshed and renewed energy. Different breathing and relaxation techniques leave you refreshed in mind and spirit. One hour 15 minutes class ends with the deeply restorative practice of yoga nidra (the ultimate power nap). Lucie is training extensively in this practice and offers you the chance to truly let go and rest. 15 minutes of yoga nidra in my experience feels a lot longer and deeper than a simple snooze. So let the relaxation revolution begin...

One to one - online practice in the comfort of your home

I can work with you in your home from my cosy yoga studio, tailoring one to one to one to four guided sessions for you. I can also provide 20 minute sequences to practice in your own time, so you build up a thorough working knowledge of seasonal yoga, strengthen your body and calm your mind in the comfort of your own home.

One to one sessions (75 minutes)

£45 per session online

One to more (up to 4 people)

£55 per session, book 5 for £260 (save £15)

If you are interested in a private yoga session, but cost is a barrier, please contact me.

Yoga in the workplace

If you are a company or organisation and interested in me leading classes, beginners or stress reduction courses in your workplace, please contact me to discuss your requirements. I can supply equipment. £55 for weekly sessions or one off fees negotiable.

See also Beginners, See also About Me