Self care challenge

Self care as a discipline

Busy? Tick. How are you sleeping? Waking early feeling rested? When was the last time you walked 10,000 steps daily? How’s the practice/detox/willpower building going? Ok, no more inflammatory questions. We have enough on our plates, so any change is going to be small, manageable and inspiring. Inspiring? Yes. Manageable? Yes.

Clear some time and ask yourself about what you value in your life?

What role/s you play? Which is the main role for 2018. What is important to you and what is not important? Do you have any goals you would like to set yourself? Set 3. Keep them positive, realistic and set helpful deadlines to check in with yourself and progress (not beat yourself up). Start to cut the wheat from the chaff of everyday busy life and see the wood for the trees, so to speak.

Write yourself 3 – 5 affirmations, short positive statements in simple language, based on your values and goals. Be creative so they are inspiring to look at, or be practical and just get them done. Post them up where you will see them at least twice a day: the bathroom mirror, by the kettle, on the home screen of your phone. Take a few minutes daily to reflect on each one, bringing them to mind and acknowledge when how they have helped you in your day.

Did you notice the phrase, ‘willpower building’ in the first paragraph? This is an excellent time to help build your self power or will power. We often focus on denying ourselves something rather than giving ourselves something to build willpower. Yet can you think of something that will help you in your 2018 envisioning that is yet to add into your self care regime? Eating more fresh (locally source) vegetables? Getting someone to deliver that to your door when you know you have a super busy week? Check The Yoga Kitchen for that one! Going to bed earlier. Going for a mind relaxing walk under the trees (it’s the time for utterly beautiful tree flowers!)

In the coming weeks we will being to practise uddiyana bandha to help lift energy up to manipura chakra and strengthen our core and resolve after the lovely side stretching and twists of Spring practice – it is best done on an empty(ish) stomach, so eat light before class if you can.

Lastly, be kind to yourself. Treating ourselves as something truly precious enables us to grow with lasting strength and vitality. Feed your spirit in ways that make you bloom and shine.


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