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Yoga Nidra

The power of complete relaxation
Ever felt like having a complete break away from it all?
Time away is wonderful. Holidays are both relaxing and revitalising and I’m sure you don’t need me to write the reasons why here. However cash flow, time, family and work commitments can mean we just don’t get away as often as we’d like.
So how does yoga fit in? The practice of Yoga Nidra offers the chance for complete restorative bodily relaxation. It melts away muscular tension, helps unwind patterns of holding and stress in the body and calms the mind into a tranquil state. And it feels great. It can be done very easily, no mat is even needed, and if having a complete break isn’t enough, it can also help change your life into a more positive one.
The practice was adapted by Swami Satyananda Saraswati from a traditional Tantric practice of nyasa. It focuses on creating total muscular relaxation and gives the mind over to this process. Whilst the mind is busy relaxing the body or counting the breath, it enables our awareness to deepen and in this state there is the potential to sow seeds into our unconscious mind for change. Using a personal resolve or San Kalpa, a short positive statement in simple language, we can help ourselves in areas where we need support, for example, being kinder to our family,  being more assertive at work, not wasting energy on needless tasks or late night internet surfing; the list could be and is endless. Whatever part of our lives, busy and complicated as they are, most of us can fess up to something that could do with a little ‘work’.
So this is your chance. Whether it’s a guided relaxation that you need, or if you wish to work a little deeper, here are free Yoga Nidra mp3 downloads.
Devised for the Seasonal Yoga Training Course, it draws from the course yoga nidra. I recorded it on my laptop, so apologies for the audio quality of my voice. The mp3 is woven together with beautiful music from Latin Soul by Andrea Terrano and used with his kind permission.
It lasts 13 minutes and is 12 mb.
Yoga Nidra January 2017
Recorded in my first flow class of 2017.
The nidra lasts 13 minutes 48 seconds and was recorded as I delivered it in class.
There are ambient sounds of traffic, the class.
The nidra draws on the Himalayan tradition of using marma points in the body scan.


If you prefer to experience Yoga Nidra in person, I end my Sunday morning and Tuesday seasonal flow classes with yoga nidra, inspired by the Satyananda and Himalayan traditions.
You can also completely relax and restore body and soul at my Deep Relaxation sessions,  mini retreats and revitaliser retreats
Meantime, I offer the yoga nidra mp3s with my sincere gratitude to my teachers, my clients and fellow yogis and my path in life.
Warm wishes of the season