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photo of crocus in Queens park

Benefits of Winter to Spring yoga & practice

18 March 2022

What’s coming up in class as we move from Winter to Spring

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Autumn Yoga Nidra – deep relaxation created and shared live

30 September 2020

Wed 30 Sept 2020 – Inspired by the move from Late Summer towards Autumn, here in Glasgow, Scotland. Get yourself cosy, comfy, make sure you will not be disturbed. No…

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late summer nature

Prostration – late summer yoga sequence to ground and bring calm

23 August 2020

Prostrations are at the heart of Late Summer practice – we become grounded and energy is drawn in. I love to practise 5 – 10 slowly and steadily, twinned with…

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Fire element vinyasa yoga

Fire element vinyasa yoga class with deep relaxation – week 5

05 August 2020

Flow Yoga practice with focus on the earth element: expect feeling centred and grounded with lots of core strengthening. A steady class to balance our energy, great for stiff backs!…

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13 minute yoga session to ease back, legs and neck and bring calm

03 July 2020

First of the ‘Mini Series’ wee yoga sessions designed to stretch, strengthen and de-stress when time is short. This one is excellent for any time of the day, but especially…

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Stretch your back

Stretch your back! Chair based stretches to ease back aches and stiffness

03 July 2020

Another ‘Mini Series’ video designed to ease away stiffness and tightness in the back, finding length in the spine, working with the breath. Especially good if you have been sat…

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Essential abs prep for core workout/yoga practice/lifting

21 May 2020

This 10 minute video takes you through how to breathe properly and warm up your core, with the key points of awareness and engagement to focus on in your workout/activity…

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ESSENTIAL TIPS: Revolved Triangle

29 April 2020

9 minute session exploring the key aspects of Revolved Triangle (pavritta trikonasana) posture without props, with a brick and chair. Feel free to practise this at home after you’ve warmed…

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